Some of our Current and Recent Projects

Bonefish Grille  - HVAC Kitchen Grease Exhaust

Clark County Hospital Add. & Remod. - Mechanical Insulation

Kinzler Expansion - Mechanical Insulation

Staybridge Hotel - Plumbing Insulation

Container Store - Plumbing and HVAC Insulation 

Merryl Lynch Bank of America - HVAC Insulation

University Park Apartments  - HVAC Roof top Duct Insulation

Newton School Admin Building - Mechanical Insulation

Vintage Hills Cooperative Beaverdale - Plumbing & HVAC Insulaiton

Volkswagen Of Des Moines - Plumbing and HVAC Insulation 

BMW of Des Moines - Plumbing and HVAC Insulation 

Story County Senior Care Center - Mechanical Insulation

Lurra Cocina - HVAC Kitchen Grease Exhaust & Roof top Duct Insulation

Plus 39 - HVAC Kitchen Grease Exhaust & Roof top Duct Insulation

2015 & Prior

St. Luke Catholic Church Ankeny -  HVAC, VRF, & Plumbing Insulation

9th & Locust Parking Garage - Storm Drain Insulation

Vintage Hills Cooperative Addition Ankeny - Plumbing Insulation

Fluer Heights Care Center - HVAC, VRF, & Plumbing Insulation

Hoover High School HVAC  - Mechancial Insulation

Park Avenue School - Mechanical Insulation

Katehco - Process Pipe Insulation

Fisher Controls Marshalltown - Mechanical Insulation